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Stop Manually Entering Product and Price Updates

Whether you are a supplier that sends out price changes through emails with spreadsheets, or a store that handles dozens of price changes and product updates from multiple vendors, our platform can save you time and money with minimal work on your part.

Retailers - Save Time and Money

The BlendedMarket system automatically converts all of your suppliers price changes, "post off's" and Product Updates into a format that you can quickly import into your PoS or Inventory System without tiresome or error prone manual data entry.

Suppliers - Reduce data entry labor

Your clients spend many labor hours updating prices for your products. Simplify the process by providing your product updates in a format that stores can immediately use. Reducing mispriced products and write-offs by automatically checking your pricing and product updates errors.



Lightning Fast Conversion

Available 365 days a year

Support techs ready to help

Manage it all through email

Pad and pencil

How it works...

Just check your email

No need to learn a new process

Our platform is managed using your existing email account, so you don't have to learn and train everyone on a new system. Suppliers and stores communicate via email and spreadsheets, just like they do now.

Automatic conversion

Employee's can spend more time with customers and less time at a computer

The system automatically recognizes the suppliers email and spreadsheet, quickly converting the data in to a format the store’s inventory or Point of Sale can import. Employees for both companies no longer have to manually convert items and pricing updates by copy and pasting.

Reduced data entry errors

Manually entering data is no fun and people are only human

Computers are much more accurate and considerably faster than humans who ’cut and paste’ or manually enter data. Suppliers can make the store’s life easier by auto-highlighting the products that have changed price.

See issues before they happen

It's like a second pair of eyes on the data

Direct Store Delivery Suppliers can automatically double check pricing and verify that all of the required fields are completed before it reaches the store. Stores benefit from highlighted price changes and the ability to review the data before pricing information reaches their Point of Sale.

Paper trail

Sometimes you just need to review past emails and price changes

Every email and spreadsheet that goes through the system is saved securely. Suppliers and stores can review their current and historical data at anytime.

Incredibly Simple to Setup and Use

With so many features, setting up a new system can seem overwhelming. Our team is ready to assist you in selecting a solution that fits your budget and needs. All it takes is a quick 10 minute demo and you will see how BlendedMarket can make your data entry problems go away.

Don't hesitate to send us an email with your requirements!

Multiple File Types

Our system can handle Excel, CSV, TSV or nearly any spreadsheet you throw at it.


Email & Google Drive

BlendedMarket integrates with your existing email and google accounts.


Simple Setup

We handle the setup, just tell us what you need and we get it going.

If you have 3 minutes we can show you how:

Who needs our service?

Direct Store Delivery (DSD) suppliers and distributors that are not linked directly to a retailer's Point of Sale.

Grocers, retailers and convenience stores that handle multiple direct store deliveries, post off's and wholesale price/product updates via email.

Supermarkets, independent grocers and cornerstores can all benefit for our service. Hours spent on entering new pricing data or product updates in the back room are better spent on on the floor interacting with customers.

Suppliers can make their stores happy by taking the data entry workload off of their staff. Distributors that already provide similar services can automate and enhance their current process.

When both the store and the suppliers use our platform together, they can share information and review historical data using an online drive.

The Numbers They Don't Lie

Save Hoursof data entry
Any Size spreadsheet
Fast conversion

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